Customer Highlights

Customer Highlights

Back in August 2019, Emilee Ballard had reached out to me regarding her 1968 Camaro. She had explained she was doing Drag Week and wanted to make sure she had coverage while driving her Camaro from track to track. I expressed the quoting process is super easy and I will just need the basic driver information, and pictures of the vehicle to complete the request. She got back to me rather quickly with the information that is needed, and I was able to successfully quote her 68 Camaro.

While looking over the policy she was very delighted with the coverage she saw. “Chris, I see my policy offers spare parts coverage, this is great. Especially while being at the track, if anything gets stolen or damaged” Emilee said with joy. Needless to say, her policy exceeded her expectations and she was all ready to go on her 1000 mile, week long, drag racing adventure.

New year, New Build

Fast forward to 2020, Emilee has redone her Camaro; from front to back this thing has brand new everything! From body work, to chassis, and engine, to as simple as nuts and bolts, there is nothing from before. She had called me up, once it was complete, and wanted to inquire about increasing her coverage.

Emilee wanted to make sure she had suitable coverage, especially because it was SEMA Battle of the Builders bound in a few weeks!! Since she already has a policy in place, all I needed was the increased value, and updated pictures of the Camaro. She got this information over to me, and we were able to increase the coverage. She was very appreciative I was able to get this done for her before her car went across the country.

Emilee states “the quoting process is painless, and it’s FREE. Do not wait until after something happens to your car, motor home, or trailer to get insured, by then it’s too late. Not to mention more money out of your pocket”.

I’d say we have one happy customer, and another BEAUTIFUL car insured with us! Don’t wait, lets get those winter projects insured today! Feel free to message or call me for your quote. Thanks, Chris – 620-762-6000