Meet the newest employee

Meet the newest employee


Meet the Agent 

Hello Everyone! My name is Emilee Ballard, born and raised in Illinois and a current Insurance Agent.
Classic, collector, and race cars is my expertise as it has been in my blood from a young age. My father
has raced as long as I can remember, and I knew one day I had goals to be in the driver seat of
something, just was not sure what. Fast forward to a few years back, I got my first 1968 Camaro with a
small block engine. I was ecstatic, not only to have a race car, but to share this hobby with my Father.
Let me tell you, I know firsthand about the good and bad experiences, every emotion possible, and all
the goals you get to accomplish.

The Next Year

A year into it, I met my boyfriend who was building an LS turbocharged S10 to participate in Drag Week, and knew one day I wanted to do something similar. A year later, I had my own LS motor powered by a procharger. September was coming, which meant its almost time for Drag Week 2018. For those of you who haven’t participated, YOU NEED TO! While I stand behind this being a competition of survival, for the drivers, it is definitely an amazing event. But watch out, it reels you in and you’re hooked! In 2019, I had plans to redo my whole car as soon as the season was over, and we did exactly that.

What my car has evolved to

Pictured, you can see what it once was and what it has evolved to. By no means was this an easy flip, but it was definitely worth it. Everything is brand new on this car, and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. To sum it up, I am honored to work alongside Chris and help all of you! It is definitely worth your time to get a quote, so do not wait until it’s too late. Let me help you get your quote today! Please contact me at 630-864-1872 or with any questions! Thanks, Emilee Ballard